Monday, April 14, 2008


So lately I'm wondering when my life will slow down.... I'm beginning to think this is it.... but I've decided that if it is... that's just fine with me! God has blessed me with amazing family and friends. I'm feeling more at home here in NC than I ever have up to this point, and am thanking God that no matter where I go... family is still family, God is still God....
The past couple of weeks have been a great ones!! Saturday I went up to Lynchburg and got to see some wonderful friends from college... I had lunch with Kelli and Laura (fabulous...) those girls are such an encouragement to me!! I love them dearly! Then I went to my friend Kathy's baby shower... Kathy's friendship has meant more to me than even she knows! She's the only person who was ever able to motivate me to exercise regularly (haha... I wish I lived closer to her for this reason!), and she was an awesome friend to me through some trying times while in college. She also has shown incredible faithfulness and grace through some incredibly difficult times in her own life... I only hope that during the valleys in my own life that I will trust God as wholly as she has. So, it was awesome getting to visit with her as well and to celebrate the upcoming birth of her precious son!
Sunday afternoons are one of my favorite times to spend with Matthew! After church (which is an experience in itself... we LOVE our church)... we usually go grab some lunch (usually Pei Wei, Matthew's favorite), go to Lowe's, then come home and work on some sort of project around the house. So last Sunday we bought a Crabapple tree and planted it in our front yard..... see the above pic. It's a pitiful little tree, but as soon as we were done a sweet little bird came and perched on one of it's few branches... as if testing it out :) haha... Matthew is super excited about spring and summer so he can continue to develop his aspiring green thumb. We'll continue to post pics as more developments are made in our landscaping endeavors.
We also have joined a couple's small group at our church. We've only had two meetings so far... but they've been fabulous! We're SO excited about the possibilities of this group and how it's going to change our lives. New friendships, spiritual growth, challenges and accountability are just some of the things we're hoping to gain from this group. The other couples really seem to mesh well with our personalities as well... which I figure is half the battle of any group setting. So all in all, we're very excited!
That's it for now... I'm excited about our weekend trip to Indiana so I'll do a post when we get back!!

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