Monday, July 28, 2008

So it's been a while.....

So it's been a while since I've posted. This summer has been super busy for Matthew and I. We have work as always.... but we've also had a lot going on. We started off with a wedding in Sevierville TN in May. My cousin Melissa was getting married and it was a beautiful day and a fun weekend with the family!

In June Matthew's little sister Julie got married to her longtime boyfriend Chad. It was a gorgeous wedding and we had a ton of fun celebrating their day with them!! After the wedding the entire Rougeux family (except for Julie and Chad, obviously) went to Daytona Beach for a few days to relax after all the wedding hub-bub.

A few weeks later we went and spent the weekend with Matthew's brother Guy and his wife Jen. It was a rainy, lazy weekend that was beyond relaxing :) I don't think we left the house the whole time!! haha

Just last week my mom, sister Heather, Aunt Agnes, Aunt Edie, nephew Jake and niece Avery all came for a few days! We had fun shopping, gardening, playing games, etc.... They are such a blessing and we were SO excited to get to spend this time with them!!

We've also been taking advantage of the warm weather and have been landscaping our front yard and painting our living room. The landscaping has been very time consuming but it's been a LOT of fun... we never knew how much fun it would be!!

Check out all our pics below!!!!!!!!! Xoxox, Julie