Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love the fall!!

Well I got some GREAT feedback on my cheap meals post. I was getting emails, facebook messages, etc... of people telling me their hints for cheap grocery shopping and giving me cheap recipe ideas. The best part is some people I haven't talked to in years have gotten in touch with me to share ideas!! One of my favorites though is I saved almost $40 the first time I went grocery shopping!! One of my friends started it around the same time I did and last week she officially saved more on her grocery bill than she spent!! (Go Julianne!). I also am a new fan of Matthew and I have been being really good about our goal of only eating out once a week!! Temptation has been there... but so far we've endured :)

This is one of the recipes sent to me by a great girl I went to high school with!! Jael is an awesome girl raising twins with her husband in my hometown, Bedford!! Check out their webpage:
{{1 whole roasting chicken
1 large package of frozen egg noodles
In a crock-pot or slow cooker place the chicken. Fill the pot ½ way or ¾ way full around chicken.
Allow chicken to cook until it’s finished. (Each crock-pot and slow cooker varies, so that depends on yours.)
Remove chicken from the crock-pot or slow cooker once it is finished and place it onto a plate. Let cool.
Place the chicken broth from the chicken into the pot you’ll be cooking the chicken & noodles in. (Depending on how much chicken broth you have and how “juicy” you want it to be, you may want to/need to add some water.)
Bring the chicken broth (and water) to a boil. Add the frozen egg noodles to the boiling broth following the instructions on the package. (This may take upwards of 20 minutes, depending.)
While the noodles are cooking, remove the bones and skin from the whole chicken. Tear the chicken into pieces, and gradually add to the noodles.
Season with salt & pepper.
Once you’ve added the chicken, you can let it simmer on medium-low heat for a while, or you can serve it automatically.
I serve mine with mashed potatoes & corn, but you could serve it with whatever you wanted. }}
In other news... fall is here and the last few months have been full of excitement!!

Matthew's family came to visit for his mom, Kathy's, birthday!! We had a blast with them!! Unfortunately Kimberly, Julie and Chad couldn't make it :( We missed you guys!!

Matthew and I also went to the state fair which is one of our favorite things to do every year. Basically we just go and spend too much money on overpriced food. Every year it makes me wonder... is there ANYTHING that they can't deep fry?? I don't think so... But we love to look at all the animals... and walk around and see the exhibits,etc... it's a lot of fun!

Matthew's cousin Tabitha married an awesome fella named Jason and few weeks ago and we got to spend the weekend in Orlando to attend their beautiful wedding!

And also some of my girlfriends started a girls' night once a week!! We're only a few weeks into it but I'm super excited about seeing my friends more often!! I hope this is a tradition we can continue :)

Of course, anyone who knows us well knows Matthew and I are very interested in politics. We are not however the type of people who can't be friends with or have great relationships with people who believe differently than we do. This political season I have found that there are more of those types than I was aware of... of all types of political affiliations. We are huge fans of Sarah Palin and definite supporters of the McCain/Palin ticket!! So we have been to 2 Sarah Palin rallies this fall (John McCain hasn't come close enough to where we live for us for us to be able to go see him :( )

Ok... well I've got to work night shift tonight... Hope everyone is doing well!!