Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bun in the Oven!

Well, it's been a while since I posted... and a lot has changed! No, I'm not talking about a new vaccuum again... We're having a baby! We were very surprised... but THRILLED!!

Today I had my first appointment and first ultrasound. We already think our baby is the cutest in the world!

We thank our wonderful God for this precious gift, and pray that our baby will grow up and will develop a love for his/her Saviour at an early age and will have an unquenchable desire for Him their entire life!

Please pray for us as we prepare to be parents and for the health and safety of our baby!

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Vacuum!!!

I'm pretty sure that besides myself, my friend Laura and Martha Stewart... no one else gets excited about a new vacuum... It's consumer reports #1 upright and I'm hoping its lifespan is longer than the 2 years of our last vacuum.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coffee mugs and Crayon pictures make me happy :)

My awesome sis-in-law made me a coffee mug... I love it... notice the similarities between it and the Partridge Family Bus :)


My sweet niece left these works of art on my fridge... Love...

Topol, dogs, guns and tattoos....

We are SO blessed by having the oppurtunity recently to spend so much time with family!! The week after my family went back to Indiana, Matthew's family came up from Florida! We had a great weekend with them... We were SO surprised when we found out that Kathy (my MIL, for those of you who may not know...) got a tattoo!! Mid-life crisis anyone?? haha... just kidding! It's actually really cute!!

On Friday night we went to see Fiddler on the Roof performed live with Topol on his Farewell Tour! Topol played the lead in the original Fiddler on the Roof, and is now 79 years old! Although he looks as though he's shed a few pounds in the past 40 years...He was even more amazing in person than he was in the movie!

Saturday we went to the state fair grounds and hopped between a dog show (dorkey, I know), a gun show and the flea market (my personal favorite... surprise surprise)...

Here's some pictures from the weekend!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Prayers for Stellan

Please join me in praying for Stellan. He is a precious 5 month old baby boy who has spent the past week or so in the Pediatric ICU. His condition is deteriorating and this sweet child needs all the prayers he can get. Check out his whole story... his Mom, aka MckMama... has been blogging to keep everyone up to date. Pray for her and her husband as well... that our Lord Jesus would comfort them in an incredible and miraculous way.

Please listen the song I have playing as you pray... Nothing is impossible with our good and gracious Lord... and as MckMama herself has said... no matter the outcome... God is still good... and Jesus is the same as He has always been, and we know that there's NO ONE who loves Stellan more than He does.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Reason #1,345,647 that I have the best husband in the world!!!

1/4 a Century Old.... That's me!!

I just celebrated my 25th birthday and my AMAZING husband and family surprised with a surprise visit from my mommy, sister, sister-in-law, niece and 2 nephews from Indiana!! Matthew even called my manager at work and arranged for my schedule to be changed so that I could spend the week with them!!!

On Sunday afternoon (3/8) Matthew and I were just hanging out after lunch and the door bell started ringing. When I went to answer it found my nephews and niece standing at the door!! Of course, I cried... and then saw my mom, sister and sister-in-law peeking from around the garage!! I was SO happy... then they proceded to tell me about Matthew getting my schedule changed, etc.... This was the best birthday gift possible!! The only thing that could've made it better were if my Daddy, brother and brother-in-law could've come with them!!

We spent a lot of time just hanging around the house, going to museums, parks, and of course shopping at thrift stores!!!

This coming week the Rougeux family is coming to visit!! I can't wait!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Finally, February was wonderful!! Matthew and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary!! I am SO incredibly lucky to have this man in my life and thank God every day that he gave us eachother and he is the only person in the world with whom I want to grow old!! We celebrated by spending a weekend in a small mountain community here in NC called Hot Springs. It had snowed right before we went, but the weather while were there was perfect!! We loved relaxing by the fireplace and just enjoying the quiet :)

Matthew and I on Max Pointe.... that's TN in the background!

2nd Anniversary is the Cotton Anniversary! So... I got Matthew this shirt :)

Me making lunch in the kitchenette...

Matthew grilling dinner :)


In January I was lucky enough to get to travel home to celebrate my Daddy's birthday! It was a wonderful visit and I got to spend an entire 4 days there! We spent a lot of time just hanging out... any time spent with my family is precious! I only wish there was more of it!! Because I didn't get to spend Christmas at home this year, I had promised my niece and nephews that we would decorate cupcakes when I came home in January (as opposed to the traditional holiday cookie decorating). We had a LOT of fun!! I'm not sure which was better... the decorating or the eating!!

Decorating the cupcakes!!

Nana helping the kiddos!!

Daddy and Mike relaxing :)

my Love, Kai :)

So Precious... Jakey :)

Me and my sweetheart, Avery :)

There are NO words to describe the LOVE I have for these 3 kiddos.... I am SO blessed to have them in my life!!


December was a full month to say the least!!

On December 19th we celebrated Matthew's 25th Birthday!! I wanted to make it extra special for him so I threw him a surprise birthday party!! As anyone who knows my husband knows... Matthew LOVES a good steak. Ever since we moved to NC Matthew has been talking about this brazilian steakhouse that he wanted to go to. So... for his birthday I reserved a special room at this AMAZING brazilian steakhouse called Chamas. I got his birthday cake made at this wonderful local bakery called Madhatter's that's famous for their black and white cakes! It was a wonderful night!! Happy Birthday Babe!!

Make a wish...

The yummy black and white cake!!

One of his friends got him this mouse pad with a picture of Sarah Palin that said "Maybe next time... Happy Birthday" hahaha :)

The Christmas season was wonderful... as it always is. Matthew and I had fun picking out our Christmas tree and wreath for the front door, decorating the house, and of course the gifts :) I had to work on Christmas day, and Matthew was lucky to have family who felt sorry for him and came to visit so he wouldn't have to spend Christmas day alone. Mom and Dad Rougeux, Joyce and Ralph came to visit! It was wonderful! They were so gracious to work with our crazy schedule! We opened all our gifts on Christmas Eve night and then they waited on me to get home to eat Christmas dinner. And just to prove how great their Christmas spirit was... they spent Christmas morning baking goodies and brought them to my unit and the the Emergency department for the people who were working that day! It was incredibly sweet!!
Everyone enjoying a late Christmas dinner...

Dad Rougeux eating Christmas lunch in the cafeteria at Duke :)

Matthew and Joyce

Kathy working on dinner!! yummmy....
Ralph doing what he does best... watch TV! Give him a remote control and he's a happy camper!


Well a LOT has happened since last time I blogged... so I thought I'd do one blog for each month I missed!!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Indiana this year! It was wonderful to spend time with our family and see those who we don't get to see often. We have SO much to be thankful for! Unfortunately... I forgot our camera... so we didn't get to document the occasion. However, I did steal some pics from my sister's snapfish account :)

So probably the most eventful part of the trip was what happened AFTER Thanksgiving. You see, I come from a long line of very serious, dedicated shoppers... and this means shopping at midnight on Black Friday! Oh goodness.... well I lasted until about 2am... and then I wimped out and fell asleep in the car. I woke up as we pulled into my sister Heather's driveway at 6am... Omigoodness.... 6 hours of shopping!! Well... maybe I'll be more rested up next time :) haha...

My Daddy and Jakey!!

My brother Todd and his wife Kris and their son Kai :)

Avery with Uncle Matthew... she's in love!!

The cooks!! My mommy and my Aunt Agnes!!

I LOVE this picture of Jakey and Mike!! Like father, like son!!

Me and my sister-in-law Kris!!