Friday, March 6, 2009


Finally, February was wonderful!! Matthew and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary!! I am SO incredibly lucky to have this man in my life and thank God every day that he gave us eachother and he is the only person in the world with whom I want to grow old!! We celebrated by spending a weekend in a small mountain community here in NC called Hot Springs. It had snowed right before we went, but the weather while were there was perfect!! We loved relaxing by the fireplace and just enjoying the quiet :)

Matthew and I on Max Pointe.... that's TN in the background!

2nd Anniversary is the Cotton Anniversary! So... I got Matthew this shirt :)

Me making lunch in the kitchenette...

Matthew grilling dinner :)

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Leslie said...

Did you really take the dogs!? On anniversaries you are supposed to leave the kids at home! No, I'm sure there was a good reason... Love you and miss you bunches!