Friday, August 20, 2010

Ainsley is 5 months old!!

It is hard to believe that it was a full 5 months ago that our sweet Ainsley came into this world! She has grown faster than I could have imagined and we are cherishing every single moment....

....every gummy grin
....every drop of drool
....every stain from spit-up
....every coo and cackle

So what is she doing now??

Well, I'm so glad you asked!

She is a proficient roller-over. She can roll from her back to her tummy and from her tummy to her back, although she doesn't do the latter as often.

She's sleeping on her belly, even though we are diligent about laying her down on her back.

She's quite the "scooter." Just incase you aren't up to date on what it means to "scoot," this is the term we have used to dub this pre-crawling activity that she's doing. She can push herself with her legs and pull herself with her arms a good 10-12 inches towards toys, etc... It's very impressive, if I must say so myself.

She's still just eating good ol' breastmilk. She's not exhibiting any of the signs of needing to start on solids, i.e. reaching for or acting interested in our food, still acting hungry after feedings, etc... So we'll probably go ahead and wait one more month before we start her solids. This is ok with us as this is what we were planning anyways. The American Acadamy of Pediatrics recommends six months of exclusive breast feeding. She does however, love to put anything and everything she gets her hands on in her mouth!

She loves to play in her exersaucer and her jumparoo as well as spending time just scooting around on her belly on the floor.

She's babbling up a storm and will frequently try to immitate sounds that you make. This can be very entertaining at times!

She enjoys being read to, especially books with a song-type quality to them, like Dr. Seuss. Our favorite right now is "Oh the Places You'll Go."

She's getting better about allowing other people to hold her and talk to her now as long as mom and dad are around. However, she still gets pretty grumpy if we're out of sight.

She is still holding strong in the 50% percentile for height and weight. She weighed in at 15lbs 6oz at her 5 month weight check appointment.

She's wearing 3-6 month sized tops, but is still in 0-3 month pants and dresses for the most part.

She sleeps for 10-11 hour stretches at night. We start her bedtime around 7pm, followed by time spent in the Bible and prayer time as a family while being fed and then usually gets laid down to sleep by 7:45 or 8pm. She'll usually sleep until between 6-7am. God is good!!

I think I've hit all the highlights.....

We can't wait to see what she'll be doing at month 6!!

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