Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poor Maddie

Anyone who know us well knows that long before sweet Ainsley came into the world we had two little bitty girls who have brought us a lot of love and joy over the past several years... Meet Schatzi and Maddie :)

I got Schatzi soon after Matthew and I began dating and she was terrified of men. Poor girl would tremble and wet herself everytime any male tried to touch her. Over time, somehow Matthew won her affections and she became his dog. She still loved me, but she would always choose Matthew over me if given the choice.

Since Matthew had stolen Schatzi from me,in 2006 he decided to buy me another dog for Valentine's Day. He chose a sweet little Yorkie pup who we named Maddie.

In the past few years we have noticed that occasionally Maddie will wimper when jumping off of beds or couches and that she also limps on her back left leg. We found out from our vet that she has a birth defect that has caused her to have a luxating patella.

We believe that this may be genetic, as Matthew has a luxating patella on his left knee as well... hmmmm...

Over the past several months the condition has worsened and she is growing increasingly more uncomfortable on her knee as well as having a noticeable increase in the amount of limping on that leg. So poor girl has to have surgery. Normally this surgery costs anywhere between $2000 and $4000 per knee to repair. No matter how much you love your dogs, that's a lot of money. We'd been praying about it and putting it off, knowing we just didn't have that kind of money to spend.

Well God is good even in the small things. Our vet, who previously said they wouldn't be able to do the surgery, has now said that she feels confident that she can perform the surgery. The best part? It's only going to cost us $700.

Don't get me wrong, $700 is still a LOT of money... but it's a lot easier to swallow than $2000.

So say a little prayer for Maddie as she has her surgery in a month or so, and pray for our bank accounts!!

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Maillardville Manor said...

Thanks so much for your comment over at The Maillardville Manor, I came over to check out your blog and was so excited to see your adorable baby girl and your little yrokies we have a yorkie boy named Max, he also has luxating knees, but his aren't too bad!! Love your little cutie puppies!
Thanks again for your visit!!!
From one yorkie mommy to another :)