Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maddie status-post surgery

Last week Maddie finally had her surgery. The surgery itself went really well, per the vet who performed it. Maddie came home with a large cast on her leg, pain meds and antibiotics. The days following her surgery have been rough.

The day after her surgery we had to take her back to the vet, where they kept her for the day to administer fluids, an enema and monitor her urine output (she hadn't voided since prior to her surgery).

Then 5 days following the surgery I had to take her back in because I was seeing some purple bruising around the top and bottom of the cast. I'm glad I did. When they removed the cast to look at it she had such significant bruising from the pressure of the cast that they couldn't put another dressing on.

Unfortunately for Maddie that meant "the cone." You're familiar with it I'm sure... a source of dread for all 4 legged creatures!

We've been having to feed her pumpkin several times a day (a natural laxative) to counteract the constipating effects of her pain meds, feed her dog food to her one piece at a time by hand and give her water to drink out of a cup (the cone makes it impossible to get her head low enough to eat or drink from her normal dog bowls.

She's not allowed to walk on the leg at all except when going to the bathroom for 5 weeks! For those who have spent any time in our house they know that we might as well be torturing the poor dog... As she's probably one of the most playful pups I've ever seen. We're trying to make the crate as comfortable for her as possible since she's spending 24 hours a day in it for 4 more weeks. Plus, the whole family is suffering a bit as she hasn't had a bath since the day before the surgery and our dogs get bathed every week religiously.... pee-ewww.... now I remember why we're so diligent about that. She may be little, but that little dog can carry a lot of stink!

All in all we are very happy that she's doing so well and that the surgery seems to have been a success. We just can't wait until Maddie is back to her normal playful self!!

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