Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweet little Josie

I had full intentions of writing this post about a month ago... and then something crazy happened... Ainsley started crawling! So while I've been chasing her around our house and trying to baby proof (I thought I had another couple months!! Is 6 months young to be crawling or am I just a completely naive rookie?!?!) my blog has been growing cobwebs. I guess cobwebs aren't so bad since it's October... keeping with the Halloween spirit and all. Not that I've ever been much of a Halloween person... anyways, I digress... back to the most important news...

Matthew and I are an uncle and aunt times 4 now!! Beautiful Josie Elizabeth Good was born on July 28th, completely healthy and completely perfect!

Her parents, my sister Heather and her husband Mike, didn't find out the gender of the baby this time, so we were all so anxious we could hardly stand it! I was personally very excited that she's a little girl because I think that it will be awesome for Ainsley and Josie to be so close in age, just over 4 months apart. I'm imagining a lot of fun will be had over holidays and visits, and I'm imagining her spending weeks here during the summer with us and vise versa for Ainsley, just like I did with some of my cousins growing up.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to go kiss those sweet cheeks until she was almost 6 weeks old.

Let's just say that with me backing down to part time and a certain little dog needing surgery a whole lot sooner than anticipated, our bank account is looking a little trimmer than it used to. Don't get me wrong... we're so thankful for our wonderful jobs and understand that we're so much better off than so many people... but we just don't have the expendible income we did a year ago to be able to just jump on a plane and go whenever we please. So I picked up a few extra shifts over several weeks and as soon as we saved up the money we caught the first plane outta here to good ol' IND.

Can I just tell you that this precious girl is every bit as edible as she looks in these pictures!?!?! And not only is she edible... but she's quiet... It seemed so odd to us as Ainsley was... well, not. Up until Ainsley was about 10 weeks old, if she was awake, she was screaming. Then from 10 weeks until about 4 months she was only screaming 80% of the time she was awake. Then after 4 months we saw a marked improvement and now she's quite the happy little clam... but little Josie... oh no, she obviously sees no need to cause her mommy to pull out her beautiful brunette locks.... She's a perfect angel. I'm pretty sure in the 3 days we were there I heard her squeak, like twice.

But mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... did I mention that she's edible?

So a BIG OL' CONGRATS to my beautiful sister Heather, her wonderful hubby Mike and big sister and brother Avery and Jake!!

The Good family is even better now and we love you all with all our hearts!!

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