Wednesday, February 16, 2011


11 months ago, sweet little Ainsley Clementine graced us with her presence, for the first time, OUTSIDE of my womb.

11 months later she is crawling EVERYWHERE.
pulling up on EVERYTHING

and then cruising around any piece of furniture she can find...

and getting into absolutely EVERYTHING!

She is trying ohhhhh soooo hard to learn to walk...

She is eating pretty much everything we give her.... apples, pears, bananas, whole grain cereal, green beans, carrots, peas, peppers, cheerios, grapes, bread, egg yolk, cheese... ummm, as I said before, pretty much anything we give her. You don't think she gets those cheeks from being picky do you?

She is still nursing... I know, I'm practically a hippy.

She loves to dance to music, to clap her hands, to hug your neck as tight as those chubby little arms can hold you, to wave to strangers in Target (or Starbucks, or Harris Teeter, or anywhere for that matter) with BOTH hands simultaneously.

We are so incredibly blessed....

As we do every single day, a hundred times a day.... Thank you Lord for this sweet gift!

We love you Ainsley!!

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