Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was a lot of fun in many ways this year, bittersweet in some others. To be honest the day itself wasn't celebrated too differently than in recent years past. This year Ainsley obviously enjoyed it a lot more than she did at 3 weeks old last year.

But for me it was bittersweet. It had been several years since we had traveled home for Easter... but it doesn't really matter. Every "first" without my Daddy is bittersweet. Even if it's just not being able to talk to him on this day. But, on the flip side, the fact that he's gone this year also makes Easter better.


Yes, I know.

Well this is what it's all about, right? The fact that death has been conquered. That for those in Christ, it's only temporary. We too, like Christ will be raised up in a new and glorified body. A body that can't be conquered by illness, fatigue or age.

It's because of this day that I know that my seperation from my Daddy is only temporary. Just like he knew this about those that he loved who had died before him. He would often talk about how he couldn't wait to see his mom and pop. Just as he was my hero, his "pop" was his and I remember just a couple years ago when he got tears in his eyes when talking about how he longed to see him again.

Don't get me wrong. It hurts so badly. Sometimes it just hits me all of a sudden and the wounds feel fresh, like it's the day he left all over again. Sometimes the grief literally takes my breath away, like a weight sitting on my chest.

But then He whispers in my ear, "What have I told you? What have I promised you in My Word? Your Daddy is not dead, in fact, he's more alive than he's ever been."

And this Easter as I stood in a crowd of people, with my hands raised to the One who came and died and conquered death for me, I was overcome with emotion, and tears filled my eyes as I realized that for the first time in his life, my daddy wasn't preaching about the resurrection, but that he was standing in the fullness of it. This easter my daddy wasn't preaching to others about the saving grace of his Jesus, he was looking into the face of his Jesus. This easter my daddy wasn't singing an old song out of a hymnal, but he was singing with choirs of angels and of saints singing "worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive glory and power and honor forever."

It's a glorious thing to know.

So, in light of those promises and in light of that hope... We celebrated with painting eggs, hunting said easter eggs, and bunny ears :)


Ainsley had a blast painting the easter eggs, which for her meant dropping them in the cups of food-coloring dye and then putting stickers on them.

I'm sorry but how cute is she sticking her little tongue out the side of her mouth?? Adorable!

This is the face when you ask her to smile :) Cracks me up!

"Close your eyes!"

"Lift your arms up!"

Some of the eggs we created...

Time to hide them!!

Here's our little Easter bunny ready to hunt for eggs!

Needless to say, these eggs didn't last very long. As soon as Matthew snapped this picture she proceeded to bang them together... Oh well!!

She had so much fun!

I hope you guys enjoyed your Easter weekend celebrating the new life we have been given in Christ!