Thursday, June 16, 2011

A special First Birthday!!

The Birthday Girl!

Our little girl celebrated her first birthday at one of her favorite places, with a themed birthday party of her favorite characters, surrounded by her favorite people!

So excited about my birthday!

She had an absolute blast and so did we! You know, except the part where the people from the museum were kicking us out of the room after 59 minutes.... Crazy...

"Do you like my party dress?"

She was lucky enough to have a lot of out of town guests come in for the big day! On the Rougeux side Aunt Julie, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Kimberly, Uncle Guy and Aunt Jen and Grammie and Paps came! On the Goens side Nana, Aunt Agnes, Aunt Heather and Cousin Josie came!

"Why is everyone singing to me???"

She had a Veggie Tales themed party at the Museum of Life and Science! Ainsley loves this place as it not only has a lot of interactive displays, but also a lot of animals and areas to run around and play. We used her stuffed animals, a friend from work was gracious enough to make her adorable cake and the rest of the minimal decorations were just made at home. Here's some pictures of that day!!

"What's with the hat, Mom?"

"Ohhh, if wearing a hat means I get cake, I'll wear a hat everyday!"

Trying her first bite of cake... "hmmm I'm not so sure about this..."

"I don't know which is better, how it tastes in my mouth or how it feels in my hands...."

"How it tastes in my mouth, yes, that is definitely the best part!"

the cake up close

The food and some Decorations

Simple Birthday banner made on the Cricut, next time I would mount the letters on a background"

"I love my new car my Aunt Aggie got me, but it's a little big to push..."

"This is quite a workout!"

"Ohhhh, THIS is how it works!"

Playing in the bath with my cousin Josie!"

"I love my chair my Grammie and Paps got me!"

"It's even big enough for me to share with Josie!"

We had such an awesome time! We're already planning for next year!

Minnie Mouse cake, anyone?? ;)

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