Thursday, August 18, 2011

17 Months

I can't believe I have a kid who is 17 months old! How did that happen?

I can't say enough how much we love this little one! She brings more joy to our life than we even knew possible!

At 17 months she is walking and running EVERYWHERE and has in recent weeks learned to climb the stairs (we fought this with every fiber of our being for the past several months!), climbing on our furniture, beds, etc. This new habit is taking an emotional toll on me as just last night I had a nightmare about her climbing out of her crib, out her window and down the side of the house!

Laughing because I caught her climbing on the couch!

She's expanded her vocabulary quite a bit... Words she can say includes...Mama, Dada, Schatzi, Maddie, Nana, Pop, Grammie, Paps, Dog, Cat, Sheep, Duck, Bird, Pig, Cow, Horse, Fish, Goat and all the noises these animals make...Light, Sun, Moon, Eyes, Ear, Hair, Nose, Please, Eat, Pool and Beach.

She can point to body parts including hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, chin, forehead, eyebrows, fingers, toes and elbows.

She still LOVES books and we recently started going to the local library. She also loves swimming, playing in the sand, drawing with sidewalk chalk and mimiking.

Here are some pictures taken in recent weeks!

Schatzi loves her! Well, sometimes :)

Loving on Larry, her best friend :)

Three of her favorite things; her hat, a book and her bike

She has learned how to open our doors

Playing with her twin babies her Grammy got her to get ready for her future siblings from Uganda!

She loves to color!

Talking to her friend, Goofy

Happy Thursday!



The Runyans said...

saw a comment you left on Uganda Adoption Blog.

we are adopting, too, and from Generations!!!

i just wanted to say hey!! we live in east tennessee!!! how far along are you guys? we just mailed our 1-600A in! :)

The Runyans said...

my blog is:

sorry about that! :)