Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let the Countdown begin...

Well it's officially official...

Although in our hearts and with our words we have committed to our adoption from Uganda, we hadn't actually put it on paper yet.

You see, when we had our telephone conference with the representitive from the agency we've chosen she recommended that we have a decent amount of cash at our disposal before starting because in the beginning of the process the fees come quickly.

Well, we immediately kicked it into gear...

First, we arranged for Matthew's big sister, Kimberly, to come and stay a couple of weeks with us so that I could pick up lots of overtime. We are so thankful that she not only watched Ainsley, but that she even cooked dinner for us every night! The fact that we weren't paying for childcare made a big difference for our "net" earnings for those shifts.

Second, we started begging for all of our friends and co-workers unwanted stuff so that we could have a yardsale. We are partnering with the Dager's (who we mentioned here) on this endeavor and hope to raise lots of money to help bring our kids home!

So, on Thursday I got my paycheck from all of my overtime.

On Friday we mailed in our official application to our adoption agency!

Wooo Hooo!!!

And, in case you were wondering... No, that overtime does not cover all of the expenses. However, we're acting on faith that the yardsale is going to be a success to get us to our first fundraising goal for this whole process.

We're so excited to actually be able to say we've put the rubber to the road on this whole process and we're officially on our way to adopting our next two kids.

Please pray for us as we start on this exciting journey! We are so excited and humbled that God has called us to this!

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Also, leave us some love by leaving us a comment below! Believe me... it is such an encouragement to actually see and hear that we have people backing us on this endeavor... It's a daunting one and we need all the love, prayers and encouragement we can get!!

Love you all!


Amy Baggett said...

Hey Julie.

I am excited for your family. As we are all God's adopted children how great it will be to share love with this little one. We are also looking to adopt. Can you tell me what agency you chose? Thanks and May the Lord bless every step of this process.

Anonymous said...

I was more than happy to spend time with precious Ainsley!! I am SOO excited and cannot wait to have new nieces/nephews!!! Praying for you all every day :)

weavinginred said...

This is wonderful news. You are on THE ROAD!!! We are cheering for you, praying with you, and can't wait to see what God will do with your willingness. Let the adventure begin!