Monday, August 29, 2011

When God says "Wait"....

Last week was rough...

I would be lying if I said that I hadn't been stressing out over the upcoming yardsale. My house is a mess. My office and dining room have been taken over with the donations of dozens of incredibly generous donors and families. I find bugs constantly from having the doors propped open so often while bring stuff in and out and walking with dirty shoes from our car to the house and back again over and over.

I hate that most of the hardest and most labor intensive work can't be done until the last minute, making me feel very out of control. I hate the uncertainty of where things will come from, where help will come from.

And then, when I feel like I can't WAIT for this to all be over and behind me... when I'm wishing the days to go quickly so we can just get to the day of the yard sale and be done with it... God says, "Wait."

We knew that maybe this was what he was trying to tell us earlier in the week when the weather reports were showing a huge hurricane headed our way, sure to dump buckets on our area the day we have scheduled for our yard sale. And I prayed... "But God we've already spent the money taking out ads in the newspaper, We've put up flyers all over, We've told everyone we know about this sale! We even had a news crew come out to our house to do a story on it! Father, YOU are bigger than this storm! Move it!"

And He replied, "Wait."

As the week progressed I started to feel under the weather. "I know this is just stress Lord, as we prepare for this sale. I know that YOU love the orphans, I know that YOU are the One who has called us to this journey! God, heal me and move this storm so that we can have this sale!"

And again, He said, "Wait."

Finally, when on Friday morning I end up in the Emergency room and find out that I will be having surgery sometime in this coming week, and when it is apparent that Hurricane Irene isn't going anywhere but straight towards us...

And we finally say, "OK God, we will wait." (Not that we had much choice at that point... haha :) )

I'm not sure why with all that's going on in the world that He was so adament about us not having this yard sale this past weekend. I am unsure as to why He sent a hurricane to NC and me to the ER at such inconvienient times.

But just as I knew before, I still know now... that He DOES love orphans, more deeply and purely and fully than I could ever imagine... that He DID call us to this journey of seeking these children, and not leaving them as orphans, but instead bringing them into our family as loved children.

Does that story sound familiar?

So our new date for our yardsale is September 24th. We still need volunteers and we'll still take your stuff if you have any donations.

In the meantime, my house is still a mess... but it's OK. I still will have to have surgery this week... but that's OK too. Because the truth is, all those things that I mentioned above are merely red tape...
but pursuing the orphan, and using our family to reflect the love the Father has for His children... that is much much more...

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