Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yard Sale Update and Prayer Request

Hey! So I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update everyone on how this weekend went. It started off really well but the way it ended has left us with heavy hearts.

The yardsale was a success and we are so grateful for the dozens of people and families who donated to our sale, the many volunteers who gave up their Satudays (and got up at 5am!) and the people who came out on Saturday to show their support and to buy our stuff! It was a LONG process to plan it and the days and weeks leading up to it were exausting. The day itself was a lot of work... but in the end it was all worth it! We were blessed and excited to raise over $3,000.00... $3130.04 to be exact :) So incase you just aren't very good at math... That means that each family (us, obviously, and the Dager's) took home over $1,500.00!!


Now, I'm not sure if you remember my post from here, but that is exactly the amount we need to pay for our homestudy, which coincidently starts NEXT week!!

God is so gracious in providing for our needs as we have them!!

We have also had donations from 4 individuals and families up to this point totaling another $1,460!!!

That brings our total so far to....$3,025!! 

We are humbled.
We are thankful.
We are blessed.

So now on to the part that gives us heavy hearts. One of the amazing volunteers who came out this weekend was Jennifer, Matthew's cousin. Jennifer lives over 3 hours away and she drove all the way here to help on Saturday. Of everyone who was there she probably took the least amount of breaks (if she took any at all) and worked her tooshie off going through PILES of clothes and folding/sorting/hanging them ALL.DAY.LONG.  She left our house on Saturday night, I didn't even get to say goodbye, she drove to her sister's house about 45 minutes away to stay the night. On Sunday night when driving from her sister's house to her own she was in a terrible car wreck. She has been in the hospital since and had surgery yesterday. Please please please pray for Jennifer. We love her dearly, and we know that her road to healing may be a long one. Please pray that she has a full recovery and that she can get home and get better quickly!!


4 Blessings said...

Praying for Jennifer.

Diana said...

So very sorry about Jennifer. :( Praying for a speedy recovery!!!

Diana said...

Thankful your sale was a success! :) xoxo