Monday, October 10, 2011

18 Months of Wonderfulness!!

I wish there was a way to describe how this little girl has changed our life...

I wish I could somehow put into words the joy she brings to our lives

Before you have children others will tell you....
                      "Oh be ready before you decide to have kids because EVERYTHING changes..." (usually NOT said in a positive way)
                      "Forget about sleeping in, or going on dates, or just the two of you because you'll never have that again."
                      "Kids are be prepared."

The truth is... Ainlsey HAS changed our world. She has turned it completely upside down. We can't do ANYTHING without thinking about her first... We can rarely even go to the bathroom by ourselves unless the other one is around to play with her while we do, and even then sometimes she'll sneak up on us. We have had to watch our finances closer than we ever have, not only because she can be expensive, but also because I cut down from essentially working 2 jobs (1 full time and 1 part time) to only working 1 job part time.

But I can tell you what's also true.... In fact, I would stretch to say its "truer" (I am uncertain if that is actually a word ;) )... Life was good before Ainsley... Life is BETTER with her.

There is NO ONE in the world who is less of a morning person than I am... but I tell you what, when you wake up to chubby little fingers poking your forehead saying "Mama! Mamaaaaaa!!!" and opening your eyes to those sweet cheeks and bedhead in footy pajamas... Ohhhhh... just rip my heart out! Even if it is 6 am (although, admittedly, it is a little bit better when done at 7:15 ;) )

As far as our marriage... Ainsley doesn't take away from our relationship... She adds to it! We get to spend awesome quality time together in the evenings after she goes to bed... I mean, I love sleeping and all, but even I'm not in bed at 8pm when she lays down.

And with expenses... like I said, we have seen a cut in pay and an increase in output, but really, who cares?? Seriously! We have 20 channels on our basic cable and that's just fine... I don't even miss my HGTV if you can believe it! I've had to be much more careful with our groceries and we don't eat out as much... but it does nothing to decrease our quality of life.

Here's some pictures as of lately with our sweet girl!! Be prepared for cuteness overload..... It very well may melt your computer :)

Ainsley and her friend Elizabeth playing in her play house that Grammie and Paps got her!
Ainsley's version of a sandbox I guess!

The whole play area... We couldn't just put it on the ground because our backyard is basically one huge hill... So they had to build a leveled out play area to put her new house and slide on.

She LOVES to slide... word on the street is that this is what she does the whole time in church nursery as well!

The muscle behind all the work!! Matthew and his dad, affectionally known as Paps, worked their tooshies off to make a fun area for our sweet girl!

You should also know that Ainsley is a gifted artist... You can start placing bids on her artwork if your would like! I imagine it will be worth millions by the time she hits kindergarten!

I'm sorry, but is it not adorable how she crosses her feet at the ankles?!?!

Those eyelashes... Those lips.... Those sweet hands.... They slay me....

I know that all too soon the baby knuckle dimples will be gone... :(

This little girl is more of a gift, and more precious, and more valued than any of those other things could ever be. We take more joy in being her parents than anyone could have prepared us for.

More than all that though... being a "Mama" to sweet Ainsley has given me a very small glimpse into the love that God has for His children. When my heart fills with joy seeing her play with a toy we got her, I'm reminded of the joy that God must have when He sees us enjoy His good gifts (Ainsley being one of those!). When my heart tugs a bit when I see her fall down and hurt herself, I'm reminded of the broken heart of the Father when He sees His children hurting.

I'm also reminded that all over the world there are 147 million children who are orphans who are loved by God. They have no one to tuck them in at night. No one to pick them up when they fall down. No one to buy them toys to play with. No one to crawl into bed with in the morning and wake by whispering "Mama" or "Dada." May God burden the hearts of His people to be mother and fathers to these children.

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Anonymous said...

You all are amazing parents and Ainsley brings indescribable joy to all who encounter her!! I can't imagine a more precious little girl :)
Aunt Kimberly