Monday, October 24, 2011

Homestudy update!

Omiheavens people!! We are 2/3's of the way done with our homestudy!! We have had 2 out of the 3 meetings with our social worker so far and only have 1 more to go less than a week away!! So far we have basically just spent a lot of time gathering paperwork and telling her a LOT about ourselves. Where we're from, about our families, our finances, our marriage, our childhoods, our parenting styles, etc.

This coming week she's coming to our house (the past 2 meetings have been at her's) and we'll finish off our interviews and give her free reign to look through our home!!

When we are finished with the homestudy and our social worker finishes the write up we only have 1 thing left to do before being waitlisted. There's a form for US immigration called the I600a that we will have to fill out and we have to get fingerprinted, again.  Then, hopefull within a few weeks, they will send us approval and we will be on the waitlist!! I'm guesstimating in my very un-expert opinion that we may be waitlisted by January!!

Are you kidding me!?!?! Holy cow... just typing that gives me goose bumps... seriously...

From then, the average wait time for a referral is 3 to 6 months!! That means that our children are most likely alive right now!! Either in the womb of the precious mother who is carrying them, or even already born! Or maybe they've been around for quite some time now!! We have no idea and the anticipation is making me crazy!!

On that note, please please be praying for our 2 sweet kiddos. We know very little about them, but we know that our Father knows every hair on their head. The little that we do know is that no matter where they are now, that they either have been recently, or will be very soon, orphaned. That they either have already experienced great loss and tragedy, or that they will.

You see, as wonderful of a thing as adoption is... It is only wonderful in the shadow of the tragedy that came before it. In Uganda that is a mother who has or will either lose her life, or who is very scared and overwhelmed with this new little life she's been given, and has or is going to make a life altering and heart breaking decision to give her child up for adoption.

Before a child can be adopted... they must be orphaned... and THAT is heart wrenching.

So please pray for our children. That God will protect them and comfort them, no matter what their current circumstances are.

So anyways... We're coming right along...

1 more day = 1 day closer!!


Jeff & Kelly said...

Wonderful Julie...we will keep praying!!!!

AnaLisa said...

Celebrating with you the milestones and steps along the way. YES SO TRUE that God knows every hair on their head. I love this. Thank you for this great reminder tonight. Blessings, AnaLisa