Wednesday, October 12, 2011


and Overwhelmed....

That's how we're feeling right now.

We knew when we started this process that it was going to be long and it was going to be expensive.

We've seen God provide for our friends and for other people we've encountered who have taken this journey ahead of us. We were and are confident that He would do it for us as well.

However, the way in which He has provided the most recent chunk of money knocked the wind out of us and brought us to tears.... literally.

Before Ainsley was born both Matthew and I worked in the Emergency Department at Duke. He was a patient advocate, I was working there part time as a nurse on top of my full time position in the MICU. After Ainsley was born I went to part time and stayed in the MICU and Matthew got transfered to another department. However, to say that we both loved our time there and loved the people would be an understatement... seriously. We made friends there who are some of our most trusted here in NC and we really feel so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to build those relationships.

One of our friends we made during our time there is another nurse named Terry. Terry is an awesome nurse and he also takes lunch orders for take out almost every day which makes him and instant friend :) Not to mention Terry and his wife can throw one awesome party. Their house looks like it's straight out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and they have a "winter solstice" party there every year that everyone looks forward to attending.

Well after Terry heard about us doing the yardsale to raise money for the adoption he and his wife came up with an idea to host a dinner party at their house for 8 people. This dinner will include everything from cocktails to desert, and knowing them, it will be amazing! They decided to raffle off tickets to this dinner to the staff in the ED and give us the money from it!

When we heard about his plan Matthew was speechless and I cried (shocker, I know). It was just so kind, selfless and thoughtful.

Then Matthew comes home last night with an envelope containing $566.00!! 

I mean seriously... I'm crying as I'm typing this.

So even though I'm not sure Terry has ever even looked at this blog....

                   Dear Terry and Catherine,
                              Thank you is not enough to explain how much you have touched our hearts with your generosity. Your creativity and willingness to use your gifts and talents as amazing hosts, to open your home, to take your own time and energy all to help us with the costs associated with our adoption is overwhelming to us. To say we are grateful just isn't enough. To show our gratitude we are going to make sure that you both get regular babysitting rights for all 3 kids when we get them home ;) We are thankful for what you have done for us and we are thankful to call you friends.
                                             Love; Matthew, Julie and Ainsley

                   Dear Emergency Department Staff,
                              Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and generosity you have shown us over these past several months. Because of you we had tons of truckloads of goods for our yardsale, and now your participation in the fundraiser by the Kelly's has blessed us beyond what we could ever say. Thank you for your kindess and thank you for your friendships. We love you guys!
                                                               Love; Matthew, Julie and Ainsley

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