Wednesday, November 2, 2011

(21 Days of Remembering my Daddy: Day 2) Our last conversation

My Daddy passed away sometime in the early hours of Sunday November 21st. Unfortunately, I hadn't spoken to him on Saturday. I had spent the day going crazy around my house trying to get it ready for guests. He and my mommy were supposed to leave on Monday to drive down here to spend Thanksgiving, along with lots of people from Matthew's side of the family. One of the negative parts about working in healthcare is that unfortunately, people don't stop being sick just because it's a holiday, and Matthew was scheduled to work Thanksgiving, and so we decided just to host as many people as wanted to come at our home. However, I had spoken to him on Friday afternoon. I remember I was driving from our home in Creedmoor to Durham and we talked the entire way. All together the conversation was probably 20-30 minutes long. I wish now that it was longer.

Funny enough, our last conversation was about adoption. There was a little boy in a difficult situation here in Durham and his aunt who is raising him had approached Matthew and I about possibly doing a consentual adoption of this little guy. When all was said and done, she got cold feet and despite the difficulties of her situation is still raising this little boy. However, at the point of our last conversation it actually looked like we might end up bringing him into our home as our son, and that's what I was talking to Daddy about.
I wish I could type here more of the details of our conversation, but doing so would require me to go into more details about the background of the little boy and even though very few of you know who he is, I want to respect his privacy.

Daddy acknowledged how difficult the situation could be, how young Ainsley was at the time, etc... However, he was completely supportive. At one point he stated that sometimes he wishes that some of the adults who did harm to children could have a conversation with him about it in a dark alley. He was joking of course, kind of :) You basically couldn't have much of a conversation with my Daddy without him joking about something. He also joked that if we adopted this little boy (who was African-American) that it would be perfect because between him, Kai(a blonde), and Jake(a red-head) that his three grandsons would be Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry :) I can still remember the sound of his laugh when he said it...
Everytime he would come back from the Philippines he would talk about how much he would love to bring some of the street children there home for us kids to adopt. I think that he would be really excited about our adoption. I've told Matthew that I bet he would have loved to have gone with us and spent some time with us while in Uganda picking the kids up.

I also remember one time when I was younger he was going to have the dark wooden paneling in the church painted white. Someone in the church told him that it was a bad decision because all of the kids' fingerprints would show all over that white paint. He said that all those fingerprints would make it even better!

He truly loved people, and he truly loved kids. It seems like the worse the situation they were in, the more he was drawn to them. The darker the circumstances, the more drawn he was to share with them the light of Jesus.

I'll leave you with this picture someone took of my Daddy last time he was in the Philippines... Now just look at that picture and tell me he wouldn't be so excited about his next 2 grandkids!

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