Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Oh, what's that you say?? It's December? Oh, and we've already had one major holiday since Halloween passed. Yeah... I know, I get it... But if there's anything in life I'm good at, it's procrastination. To be honest I just didn't realize I hadn't posted any pics yet of the cutest little "Buzz Buzz" (as she calls bees) you've ever seen... well I guess in this case it would be that you've NEVER seen. I'm all about helping other people and bettering society, and let me tell you... I would be doing the public a great disservice if I didn't post these pictures. Plus, I have to tell you how tough our little cookie was. It was 40 degrees out and raining and she refused to wear a jacket! Because, of course, then she couldn't wear her wings... and that was apparently unexceptable. So even though most bees don't have blue lips, ours did. (Please no hate mail about her catching pneumonia or cold or some other deadly disease.... People get sick from germs, not exposure to cold... check WebMD, they will validate my story!)

Our town opens up all the shops on Main Street on Halloween night and has trick or treating for all the kids, a fun tradition we didn't know about until this year! So for your viewing pleasure...I introduce to you, Buzz Buzz the incredibly cute Bee :)

Pretty darn cute, huh??

Yeah, I thought so too :)

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