Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 years old and months behind...

It seems like a lot of times when there are very broad gaps in my blogging it's due to a major life event. Last time I posted I said I was going to post in a few days... well that was 2 1/2 months ago. Life has been crazy and busy with our adoption stuff and in mid April Matthew decided to take a trip to Uganda. This was great and we were so excited about it! It was icing on the cake when his dad decided to go with him! They had a wonderful trip that we will tell you about when we are able but sometimes life has a way of sending a hurricane your way when you least expect it. On the 22nd of April when I got out of church I saw an email from Matthew to call him immediately. While he and his dad were in Uganda, half way around the world, Matthew’s mom, my mother-in-law, Ainsley’s Grammie, went to meet her Saviour unexpectedly. She was 53 years old.

Sometimes life is hard to understand people. There was no one in the world who was more excited about our 2 Ugandan born kiddos than their Grammie was. Did I mention that she was only 53? Oh yeah, and remember about 17 months prior to that my Daddy died suddenly the same way at 60 years old. The last conversation I had with him was about how we were hoping to adopt a little boy domestically at the time and he joked that the African American little guy would go perfectly with his red-headed grandson and his blonde grandson, because who wouldn’t want vanilla, strawberry and chocolate grandsons?
Matthew and I are 28 and 29 years old and have lost one parent each. Our oldest child will have some pictures with these two people who were 2 of the most important people in our lives, but likely no memories. And for the rest of our kids, we will just have to tell them how much they’re loved by their grandparents who are already in heaven.

Just in case you were wondering…. It sucks. Really really badly.

As far as mother-in-laws go, I hit the jackpot. She was incredibly involved in every aspect of our lives that we wanted her to be, but never crossed the line of being nosy (she was NOT a Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond). She was always there for advice, always there to tell you that you were wrong when you needed to hear it, always there to tell me that having 3 young kids would be “no big deal” because “I did it, you’ll be fine, you just do it and you don’t whine about it.” Her love language was gift giving and let me tell you, if she loved you, she showered you with gifts. We will miss those things not because of the gifts themselves, but because with every fedex package at the door her love was palpable. She was an amazing amazing woman and as much as I miss her, I can’t imagine the hole that’s in the heart of all 5 of her kids.

This picture was the last one taken of her and Ainsley together. It’s Ainsley with her Grammie and Nana. I’m so glad they were both there (Paps too!). The last time we saw her was at Ainsley’s 2nd birthday party. Ainsley is in a Tinkerbell phase so of course Grammie had ordered everything she could find off of disneystore(dot)com that was Tinkerbell themed including her precious little outfit.

We will miss her greatly until we see her again. Once again we are thankful for heaven, thankful for God’s promises, thankful that this world is not all there is and that this life is not all there is, and most of all thankful for Jesus. Please pray for all of the Rougeux’s, as anyone knows who has been through it, just because time passes doesn’t mean it gets easier. Pray for their hearts.