Friday, May 3, 2013

Where we left off... our adoption story

I looked back and realized that the last time I blogged about our adoption was here where I announced that we had parted ways with our agency and that we were pursuing our adoption via the independent route. After a tumultuous few weeks getting out of the gate on that change, things went surprisingly smooth.

But, about that tumultuous start. You see, there is a really big really important topic in international adoptions that every.single. prospective adopter should have heard about: Ethics (and if you haven't heard it, then you haven't done enough research). You see, adoption is a beautiful and wonderful thing, but our world is not. Satan has a way of taking things that are wonderful and beautiful and marring them. He especially likes to do this with things that God intended to be pictures of Him, His character and His gospel. Kind of like marriage... but that's a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day.

There is this horrible thing that is going on in the world called human trafficking. This happens to adults who are enslaved as servants or a sexual slaves, and unfortunately this happens to children, who are then presented as orphans and placed for adoption. There are a lot of people in this world who profit from adoption, and THAT my friends, is just simply wrong. Unfortunately, these practices can be especially rampant in areas of the world that have huge amounts of poverty. When people are poverty stricken, many times they will do anything they can to help themselves or their family... even deplorable things like selling and buying children. This is scarily common practice in African countries that do international adoption, including Uganda.

People are scared of this, people are rightly angry about this, and people are very very very sensitive to "red flags" that may be thrown up that may lead people to believe that a person or organization is doing things that would be considering trafficking children. Unfortunately, for those who are especially passionate about this there can also be false assumptions made, accusations made, and an impressive amount of hurtful gossip.

Luckily none of this gossip was spoken directly about our family, that we know of anyways, but was done about some friends of ours. Once the right people asked the right questions they found out that the accusations that were made were false and had been mistakes made by the parties involved that simply did not know the right way to go about these things because of a lack of experience. Even after the accusations were shown to be false, and apologies were made, people were still left in the wreckage who were hurt.

Sorry to be so vague about the exact circumstances surrounding all of this drama, but I don't want to to stir a pot that's long been settled, to call out those who may have been responsible for the hurting of others, or to reopen healing wounds from those who were hurt. God was faithful through the entire situation and He is the righter of all wrongs, not me.

So throughout some of this drama we had a couple of hiccups in our process but to be honest we can now see God's purpose in it. The entire situation led us to an attorney who is a beautiful godly woman who we trust very much. We saw multiple opportunities for her to drop the ball on ethics to save time or to make things progress faster, in which she showed her character by refusing to do. This situation led us to examine and ask questions of the baby home we adopted from, which passed with flying colors! In the end it made us ask the questions and examine the situation so that going in to this process we could do it with our head held high, and confidence in knowing that we were proceeding in a way that would bring glory to God.

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